Server Downtime

Bambus · 11.04.2011
Since some of you probably noticed our server was down from saturday 9:00 to sunday 23:00. Since I was away I didn't notice my nagios mails. Sorry for that. Server is back up and hopefully for a long time. For those who thought Fansub-share might be offline forever: We won't stop our service without notifying all users some time before (and we don't plan to stop it until now).

New Staff

Bambus · 29.11.2010
I would like to announce that I'm not longer working alone.
From now on Schwabbi will lead our (haha, now I can say "our" xD) support section ;)
Be nice and... dunno :)

Bugtracker and latest Requests

Bambus · 22.11.2010
It seems it forgot to check the bugtracker for some months (sorry for that).
I'll start working on the new found bugs and requests in the next days. To the Codec-Icon request: I need some Icons first ^^"

Sorry for kept you waiting :(

Filename and upcoming features

Bambus · 01.06.2010
Since I wanna provide a helpful rss-feed for all visitors, I added a filename field. Please provide all your links with this filename to make sure, that it will be added to your rss-feed. I'm also working on a solution to add your downloads to the xdcc-search of

Some time passed

Bambus · 14.03.2010
Since some time passed since my last update, I just wanna say that I'm still working on this project.
Since I didn't have much free time during the last months, I couldn't code any new features.

The todo list is still there and all feature requests and bug reports are on it. so please be patient ;)

Milestone completed

Bambus · 16.01.2010
Today I can announce that the current milestone is completed :)
Some things for the next milestone as a preview:
  • download statistics
  • global traffic limit per day/week/month
  • better css-interface
  • first steps for an API
Feel free to tell me new features you would like to see - maybe you can see them in the next milestone ;)

So long~

new server

Bambus · 15.01.2010
since I'm just a bit away from the next milestone, I wanna move to my new server.
The move is sheduled for friday night between 0:00 and 2:00 CET (so today night ;) ). I'll try to inform all users this evening about the sheduled downtime.

We'll (hopefully) see us on the new server ;)


Bambus · 11.01.2010
I realized that gmx doesn't like my domain... or something like that :/
Seems like nobody with an gmx mailaccount recieves an activation-mail so far. So please contact me, so I can activate your account while I'm working on a bugfix ^^"

Edit: Should be fixed :)


Bambus · 16.12.2009
beta-phase started just... now ^^


Bambus · 07.12.2009
Alpha-Test period has started