You're providing quiet some stuff... Where is the catch?
There is none... At least none wo know so far... Treat it as our part to the greater good ;)

Some subdomains are "banned" - why?
We use an internal banlist with keywords, that could mislead users, that are illegal or seems to be or we just want to hold back for later features of the main site.

Can I link anything I want?
Since we want to mainly appeal fansubbers, your files should have something to do with at least Japan.
Illegal files like rips, warez or similiar will be deleted without warning.

I need feature xy for my list
Should be no problem at all ;) Report it at our internal bugtracker and we'll see what we can do.

Are you hosting downloads to?
No, we only host this website and the ddl-list service that is linked to it but no files, that are linked here!