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Ger Dragon Drive Episode 05 - Ryuki (SD) DW-Subs 05.08.2018
Ger Dragon Drive Episode 04 - Schockierendes... (SD) DW-Subs 26.07.2018
Ger 11 - Digimon Savers 3D: Digital World Ki... (720p) DW-Subs 25.07.2018
Ger Dragon Drive Episode 03 - Revanche (SD) DW-Subs 18.07.2018
Ger Hikari to Yami no PROGRAM [1024x576] (SD) DW-Subs 17.07.2018
Ger Dragon Drive Episode 02 - Dive des Versp... (SD) DW-Subs 17.07.2018
Ger Dragon Drive Episode 01 - Der schlafende... (SD) DW-Subs 17.07.2018
Ger The Third - 24. Die Geschichte, die ab h... (SD) STORM 20.11.2016
Ger The Third - 23. Zum Tal des Stahl (SD) STORM 20.11.2016
Ger The Third - 22. Illusion einer fehlenden... (SD) STORM 20.11.2016
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Ger Sorcerous Stabber Orphen - Episode 15 (SD) gfs
- added download statistics datefilter
- changed "new" icon on download lists

- added site statistics
- added view for single ddl-groups
- added view for single ddl-links
- linked rss-feed with single ddl-link view
- added filename to rss-feed
- last forms are working with ajax now
- added anchors for every ddl-link in download list
- added highlight for ddl-link anchor scrolling
- linked latest and hottest downloads on main page to single ddl-link view
- added message inbox and outbox

- latest and hottest downloads on main page now contain 10 entries
- optional info-text for every ddl-link is available now
- added german rss-feed
- all forms are working with ajax now
- mail-bug fixed (hope so...)
- added first download statistic (alltime)

- added javascript validator
- minor bugfixes (code, css, sql, caption)
- filesize is required now
- filename field added (required)
- prepared download statistics
- added date of latest downloads on main page
- added userlist page
- new downloads (added within last 24 hours) get an "new" icon on download page

- fixed ie6 bug
- fixed some minor bugs
- added link to group-website on the bottom of any ddl-list
- added global rss-feed for latest ddl-links
- added local rss-feed for every ddl-list
- hide filesize if none was specified
- updated conditions for group image uploads: you can now upload images up to 400x60 px
- you can now change the amount of decimal places for filesize

- multilanguage completed
- ie6 bugfixes
- several tiny features and bugfixes...
- changed server
- milestone completed

- quite some bugfixes
- new design
- forms and lists have a new styling
- some new features

- added dropdown navigation on download-lists
- fixed some serious bugs

- changed some templates for higher usability
- added global security features

- switched from anidb to ann since anidb is against german "fansub kodex" (also you can link doramas and mangas on ann)

- updated alpha-report to bugtracker
- fixed various bugs
- added last icons

- added password protection for single DDL-Links
- fixed some code issues
- you can now set anidb-ids for whole groups and all links inside this group which aren't set otherwise
- started beta-phase

- Host-CRUD is styled now
- Group-CRUD is styled now
- DDL-CRUD is styled now
- fixed some code issues

- added Group-Pictures
- fixed some code issues

- added "Global Download Cooldown"
- added CRUD Interface for Profile-Settings
- added alpha-bugtracker

- added "remember me" function for login
- all external sites are styled now

- various bugfixes
- started creating a simple design
- added DDL-Limit
- added filesize conversion
- removed empty groups from DDL-lists

- various bugfixes
- starting alpha-test

- added Group-CRUD
- added subdomain-excludelist
- added first icons

- added DDL-CRUD
- fixed auth system
- fixed various bugs
- still no design ^^"

- added Fileinfo in DDL-Listing
- added AniDB-Link in DDL-Listing

- added Groups

- added Languages
- added Resolutions

- started with statistics
- started with design

- first stable version (but without design)